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Ashford (Middlesex) Camera Club is a friendly club whose aim is the enjoyment of photography.

Membership is at all levels, from beginners to advanced, and although most of the club’s members produce digital images a few still expose and show results using silver halide film.

Next meetings

Tuesday 17 December
Members' PDIs with seasonal theme
Tuesday 7 January
"Piers of the Realm" by Micki Aston CPAGB

Annual colour slide competition 20 November

We still hold a competition for photographs taken on reversal colour film. While the image has a completely different feel compared to the digital projected image, the colour slide imposes a different set of disciplines on the photographer.

Brian H 2Brian H 1Thames


Winning pictures shown here are:

“The Thames at Runnymede” by R. Stevens (taken on AgfaPhoto precisa CT 100),  “The Boys ” by B. Hulatt and “Bendy Neck” by B. Hulatt. 


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